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    Fall of Ultiaris

    25 November 2016 , by Malistre

    Malistre of TaiPow is starting a brand new D&D Campaign on Roll20! Fall of Ultiaris takes place in the world of Ultiaris, which is currently being ravaged by the great dragon Veeshan. Players will experience a huge world and a campaign that will take them all the way from Level 1 to Level 20 as they prepare to face Veeshan... Read more

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    Welcome to the New TaiPow

    8 September 2016 , by Malistre

    Welcome to the new TaiPow! We apologize that things are messy right now, but we’ve been inspired to reinvent ourselves and bring you some awesome custom gaming content! Are you a gaming related Youtube creator and/or do you write about video games? We are interested in hosting your articles and posting your videos! Please contact me at malist... Read more

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